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Revolutionising healthcare provision and optimising resources through

simulation and modelling

The Cumberland Initiative is a movement to encourage systems thinking, simulation and modelling of healthcare scenarios to improve NHS quality of care delivery and save money.

Our core strength is the quality of our people and the teams we can bring together. Our academics, with their thought-leadership and publication records, can structure the challenges faced by healthcare providers utilising thought-leading academics. They can also audit the quality of the change-management and produce reviews grounded in the literature. Meanwhile, the solutions are developed by our network of clinicians, health managers and industry experts and academics, and delivered by our agile companies offering data analysis, simulation, modelling, and interactive assessment.

The Cumberland Initiative is an organisation that delivers through its affiliates. We are not a stand-alone consulting organisation. The Cumberland Initiative builds balanced teams of experts in Systems Thinking, to undertake simulation and modelling of healthcare scenarios and support radical improvement of NHS efficiency and the quality of care delivery. We believe that transforming the quality of care through process and system redesign will produce much higher quality outcomes and cost savings compared with the more traditional incremental improvement exercises, new drugs or better technology – and can deliver this much faster.

The Government is challenging the NHS to achieve efficiency savings on a scale like never before while improving quality. This is a call for radical rethinking and for systematic remodelling of processes for every care pathway, at policy, commissioning and operational levels. The NHS cannot stop work until everything is in place and working properly, so modelling and simulation makes coordinating this challenging work possible.

Our extensive network of experienced, multi-disciplinary professionals gives us the ability to deliver at scale.


The Cumberland Initiative offers a very necessary range of services. The NHS is a service delivery organisation, but it has very limited experience of redesigning and analysing its own processes.

We are able to offer a vast network of experts to diagnose your challenges and guide you through solutions with healthcare agencies. Using our unique, dedicated space you can trial new service concepts and test the implications of technology adoption.


In 2010, a group of Academics, from more than a dozen universities met at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park in order to address the logistical and organisational challenges of healthcare delivery. The group was from a broad spectrum of disciplines including design, engineering, management science, modelling, operational research, problem structuring and simulation – with a view to addressing the major challenges facing the NHS in their delivery of care standards.

The group left the meeting committed to provide solutions to improve and revolutionise NHS care delivery through simulation, modelling and systems thinking. They agreed to campaign for more simulation and modelling strategies to be undertaken by the NHS to meet its funding and quality challenges.