Key questions for the Cumberland-FMLM Press release

Why are modelling and simulation important?

Simulation and modelling are techniques that are used to help designers and managers understand how a system works. Computer games are a class of models that have been adapted for entertainment and learning. “Systems thinking is increasingly recognised as crucial in the armamentarium of healthcare leaders and is prominent in the FMLM Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals. FMLM is, therefore, very excited by the collaboration with the Cumberland Initiative which offers a unique approach to navigating the complexities of healthcare delivery.” – Mr Peter Lees, Chief Exec, FMLM

Who is the Cumberland initiative?

The Cumberland Initiative is a movement to encourage simulation and modelling of healthcare scenarios to improve NHS quality of care delivery. We believe that transforming the quality of care through radically better processes and systems will produce far superior outcomes and huge cost savings: compared to traditional exercises centred on better selection of drugs or technology.

The Cumberland Initiative is an organisation that delivers through its affiliates. Our core strength lies in our network of clinicians and health managers, industry experts and thought-leading academics with long publishing track records in health and social care modelling and delivery. Our extensive network of experience, multi-disciplinary professionals gives us the ability to deliver, at scale, where needed and to put teams of tens of experts together at the same time.

Why join as a Cumberland associate?

You might join because you, too, believe that systems thinking and modelling really matters. As a Cumberland Associate you might participate in Cumberland projects working with companies and universities to effect change.

And you have access to Cumberland events where similarly-minded people will gather.

What do you receive as a Cumberland associate

Cumberland Associates will be eligible to join teams of Cumberland Affiliates to undertake projects. They will alos enjoy a discount at Cumberland events.