Health professionals use Cumberland to test drive ways to manage A + E crisis

The Cumberland Initiative launched its national centre in May with a series of events and facilities focussed on helping colleagues tackle the crisis in A + E and unscheduled care. They joined key experts to share latest thinking plus modelling and simulation technology, allowing them think the unthinkable, trial the untried, and achieve better solutions for their populations. As well as trying out new ways to simulate possibilities, delegates heard the latest thinking from key experts, at a one day event on ‘Remodelling Urgent + Unscheduled Care’. This major event brought together clinical managers, simulation companies and academic experts to demonstrate how a combination of better process and simulation support can make an impact in this needy field.


Their presentations are below:

‘Is Emergency Care in England slipping into crisis?’

• Russell Emeny, Director, Urgent and Emergency Care Intensive Support Team, NHS IMAS


‘How can academic research and modelling add value to NHS decision-makers?’

• Mr Andrew FordyceConsultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Clinical Systems Engineer, Torbay Hospital

• Dr Mike Williams, University of Exeter Business School

• Dr Michael Allen, (Peninsula Collaboration for Health Operational Research and Development, University of Exeter Medical School)


‘Emergency medical services modelling’ – part 1

‘Emergency medical services modelling’ – part 2

• Professor Paul Harper, Cardiff University

• Dr Danny Antebi, Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Wales


‘Supporting strategic system redesign for unscheduled care’

• Peter Lacey, CEO, Whole Systems Partnership


• Professor Duncan Shaw, University of Warwick


‘Developing policy: Simulating a year of care for people with long term conditions’

• Claire Cordeaux, Simul8 Corporation



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