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The Facility

The Cumberland Institute is a unique facility for the healthcare professions; offering a dedicated space for training, scaled experimentation and access to a national community of clinical, commercial and academic expertise.

This highly interactive environment is the place to come to plan new services, troubleshoot challenges and think strategically about healthcare delivery. It gives you access to 500+ years of expert experience in healthcare simulation, modelling design and systems engineering.

As the headquarters of The Cumberland Initiative, the aim is to galvanise clinical,commercial and academic experts in healthcare operational research. The goal is to help the NHS:

  • Drive quality while cutting costs – e.g. A&E, long term conditions
  • Plan new services – e.g. integrated offerings across health and social care
  • Troubleshoot challenges – e.g. winter pressure

Our methods involve creating model designs that allow a clear view of options and outcomes which promote informed decisions, prevent unnecessary expenditure or unpleasant surprises which may jeopardise quality.

Facility -Cumberlab



The Cumberlab is 400m2 of experimental space in which, the walls can be used as giant projector screens for modelling information. The floor space is flexible and can accommodate teams of up to 100 people, participating in experiments linked to computer modelling platforms. This combination of human and computer simulation under one roof provides a unique opportunity to conduct experiments and collaborative development exercises.

For example:

  • Modelling of hospital facilities including A&E
  • Using map projections on floor space to better configure regional service provision
  • Layout and operation of primary care practices
  • Interactive modelling to support commissioner-provider negotiations


The Cumberland Institute offers 100m2 of flexible space with graphical interfaces and videoconferencing services in a wireless environment.

The facility is available for groups to fill with their own training or redesign events. We also offer a service through which we build programmes around your specific requirement – from half-day taster sessions to week-long courses.

These can include hands-on use of new methods and tools with masterclasses on making numbers work, problem structuring, modelling methods, design engineering, risk prediction or complexity.


The Cumberland Initiative was set up to address the logistical and organisational challenges of healthcare delivery which cannot be ‘solved’ in isolation or on behalf of a service provider. However, we recognise that the necessary infrastructure and resources are not yet embedded within wider healthcare. The answer is a neutral space for stakeholder communities to learn from one another, plan together and experiment at scale.

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