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Workforce Redesign

27/06/2017, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
The Cumberland Institute, Slough

Everyone knows that the workforce needs to change shape and yet the debate is cast in terms of the roles, training and skill-sets that currently exist. Trying to work out what new roles should exist, what education, training and support they will require and then being assured that these roles can be deployed with existing structures at scale and work is a challenge that no other industry has faced.

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The value of modelling and simulation in healthcare

A review of the evidence and some possible ways forward

Modelling healthcare scenarios

What we know and where to go next

Emergency Simulation

How modelling is resuscitating NHS urgent and unscheduled care

The best and the worst of A&E today

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Over the top?

As healthcare finds itself heroically struggling against the odds, with historically biased beliefs around acceptable and unacceptable losses, I wonder what the old General would prescribe for modern service provision?

The Model-Driven Hospital

The Model-Driven Hospital By Lord Ara Darzi Modern hospitals are hugely complex, with thousands of staff delivering sophisticated care, often to extremely sick patients. They employ the most advanced technology and equipment and can cost £1 billion a year to run. Although the standard of care delivered in the NHS is the equal of any…

Built in a Day?

By Steve Allder As the Romans used to say, “Qui tacet, consentit.” So while I feel ambivalent about writing, it is better than silently accepting the status quo. Despite the current crop of bad-news stories, I do not doubt the NHS’s incredible value at home and abroad. Its longevity and ability to preserve the ideals…

Safeguarding Quality or Papering over the cracks?

Davina Allen is Professor of Healthcare Delivery and Organisation and Deputy Head of School (Research and Innovation) at Cardiff University. This blog is based on her recent editorial From polyformacy to formacology We are rightly and increasingly concerned with healthcare quality and safety and inspired by the way other sectors have applied check lists, pro-formas,…

The Fourth Quadrant

Former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld structured our knowledge into known-knowns, known-unknowns and the famous unknown-unknowns, inadvertently providing a great framework for health. For some reason, he missed the unknown-knowns, presumably the things we don’t know, but that others do. This Fourth Quadrant is the big challenge in healthcare – we can’t do…